Worker of the Week: John Fargnoli

When we asked John Fargnoli what his favorite thing to do at Baum Precision Machining was, he immediately replied, “Mostly everything.”

However, if he had to choose one, it would probably be doing the floors. “I like using the buffer,” John explained.

John has been working in maintenance at Baum’s for a little over 6 years now, and feels that he is both appreciated and supported there. The tasks that he learned at Baum’s – including using the vacuum; sweeping up the parking lot; mopping and buffing the floors; and wiping down the surface areas in the lunchroom – were completely new for him.

“Jaelene [my Job Coach] is just really awesome. She got me right on track last year and continued to do that this year. She’s really, really good.”

With the help of ETI Job Supports, John continues to get additional tasks added to his list every year. In parting, John said that he hoped to stay employed there as long as he can. “I enjoy working here because the people and the place are just amazing.”

And so are you, John!