A targeted job position, specific to each customer’s skills and interests, is developed with and approved by the applicant.  A job search plan of action describes the locale of the search and the types of employers to be contacted.  Customers are encouraged to identify potential employers and businesses in their own neighborhood; this information should be given to the ETI Job Developer, who will then contact the businesses and evaluate their job positions and interest in becoming a Supported Employer.

Applicants are assisted, as necessary, with resume and interview preparations.

ETI searches for job opportunities which offer permanent positions at fair wages and a chance for growth and advancement. We do not develop or train positions which are temporary or seasonal.

Supported Employers: ETI places an emphasis upon developing relationships with progressive employers who are willing to be partners in Supported Employment.  Frequently, ETI is able to recommend the best candidate for the position, thereby eliminating the employer’s advertising costs and time spent in interviewing.